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On the History of EGATIN
By Zoe Voyatzaki
Twenty years ago, the first notion of a network of group-analytic institutions from many different countries was put forth. As time has shown, this has been a fruitful idea and thus came the thought, to write an account of the formative years of EGATIN and how it all started with the idea of combining the more concrete historical facts with what we call ‘myths’  –  the often untold stories which are true, but are not given importance while they are happening, the small things which however give us the true flavor of history and complement reason.
On_the_History_of_EGATIN_by_Zoe_Voyatzaki.doc 59.00 KB
The article “On the History of EGATIN” by Zoe Voyatzaki had been published in Group Analysis, March 2006; vol. 39, 1: 108-20, and was uploaded on the EGATIN web-site by kind permission by Tom Ormay, the Editor of The International Journal of Group Analysis.

Below you can read EGATIN Essential Training Standards booklet edited in 1999

EGATIN_Essential_Training_Standards__booklet_1999.pdf 1.46 MB

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